Merkaba Token

Hemp Innovations core currency on a sustainable ecosystem.

Ticker/Symbol: MKA

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What is Merkaba Token?

Merkaba is a token in which once generates enough circulation, it will be readily accepted as a currency such as bitcoin, Eth, bnb, ADA. Latter is we have a growing collective which one day soon holders can purchase merchandise with our token, but then also make purchases elsewhere too.

MERKABA Token – Our passion is real.


MERKABA, native to the Cardano Block Chain.

Its a competitive world with all the different ecosystems in place, each making its claim as the next greatest network.
After combing through, and trialing many, the team here from Merkaba found Cardano not only superior, but the MOST user friendly.

We are so grateful to the Cardano community, and aim not only to support all of those involved, but to guide as many new members (that of the general public, and from competing block chains) to the Cardano Block Chain.


No Importing
New buyers/traders quite often can get tripped up on gas fees, not only in trading, but even at times simply as ‘importing’ a token to your wallet on numerous networks.
Despite this already being complex for some users, here on the Cardano Block chain we have this luxury where not only is there no gas fees for importing a token, once a new Token or Asset arrives in ones wallet, you can view this automatically.

Cheap gas
At currently 0.16 ADA per transaction, which is $0.4US(approx), this is quite a margin cheaper than some of competing Networks. We find higher gas fees intimidate new users wanting to diverge in the crypto world, but quickly find it too expensive. Cardano allows access to a much wider community.


Cardano claims to be “the most enviromentally sustainable”, with its mining process consuming a substantial amount less energy than alternative networks. Sustainability and eco alternatives are at Merkaba’s core, so its only natural our team chose to build on Cardano.


Cardano evolves
As different Crypto’s generate more popularity, so too do they generate more congestion. The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson and his team have found an ingenious means to surpass this. This is achieved, with the introduction and utility of Epochs in his system he dub’s ‘Ouroboros’. This blockchain can scale in a linear manner at a new block with more users.